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Sorry to those of you following the blogs about the lack of updates in the last couple of weeks, we have been busy putting the final touches to a couple of things which I will tell you more about in the coming weeks…


Many of you will know that we are one of a fair few Manchester acts that proudly associate ourselves with the work of MaK (Manchester Aid to Kosovo).
We appeared earlier in the year as part of the compilation album ‘Ten’ with the likes of Elbow, Badly Drawn Boy, and The Travelling Band.
MaK are now about to start a series of heavyweight 12″s with exclusive tracks from artists new and established, and we are proud to have been asked to feature on the first one.

Side A features Badly Drawn Boy revisiting a track from one of his excellent early EPs, and reworking it into a near 16 minute epic, we head up side AA (who want’s to be side B, really?) and have given them exclusive use of a heavy grooving piece of electro/disco/pop called ‘I’ll stick around’.

We will be adding this to the set in the upcoming live shows (to be announced SOON) and it is a track we are all really fond of, we just don’t do throwaways, or rather, only I get to hear them if they aren’t up to standard!

Joining us on the record are up and coming manchester acts Water Signs and Ernest + Tom.

You can pre-order your copy now. This WILL sell out, there will be NO DIGITAL versions for sale. ORDER HERE

For more information on MaK and how you can get involved helping or make a donation please go to

and for a copy of the excellent ‘Ten’ compilation long player from earlier this year, you can BUY HERE

Keep checking back in for more information on our next releases (we will be revealing more about THAT very soon)

Take care all.


Manchester International Festival, Ahead of the Fashion curve, Remixing for Frank Black, and getting given free stuff

Time to wrap up the latest news and send it rambling your way, here goes…..

MIF – Weds 6th July

As many of you already know we have been invited to play this years MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, as you probably have noticed we have been pretty choosy with our gigs so far this year as the album nears completion, but this one was too special an opportunity to pass up.

We have been nestled lovingly between Warp records ‘LONELADY’ and Manchester up-and-comers ‘AIR CAV’ as part of the ‘true faith’ series of shows, taken place in the purpose built Festival pavilion just outside the town hall. Tickets are only £5 so grab yours now as it’s likely to sell out, the same show last time out featured both Everything Everything and Delphic, both of whom have done fantastically well since which is great to see.

You can get tickets HERE

If you want to hear what they said about Silverclub in the GUARDIAN recently, then check it out HERE. You can bet your life I sent my parents out to get a copy, glowing praise in the national press keeps them from telling me to get a proper job for AT LEAST a fortnight…..


On the Pixies recent North American tour they were played what is most likely to be our debut album. Upon taking it in, I was immediately asked by FRANK BLACK himself if I would like to remix his band with his wife Violet, ‘GRAND DUCHY’.

As far as I’m concerned if Frank Black asks, Frank Black gets, and their reaction to my remix was so positive they commissioned 2 more!!  More news on release dates as I get them.


Those of you that know me personally will know that until I became involved with the wonderful miss CONSTANZE FRIEDRICHS, I generally dressed like someone who didn’t have a clue and had grabbed whatever was in a heap on the floor nearest to me.

Any of you that have seen us live will by now be familiar with the custom shirts she designed for us, based on cowboy shirts, but taken to the next level with generally the sort of materials and patterns no rough’n'tough redneck would want to be seen dead in.

Anyway it seems PRADA finally caught on to the vibe at Milan fashion week just gone. So i’m just letting them know that they were only 2/3 years late with the idea, so better luck next time. If any of you fancy something bespoke made for you by this talented designer, then head to:


You may be aware by now that the good people at have provided the band with some pretty damn cool jackets, well here’s the latest one I received, which I am likely to wear until it falls to pieces I’m so pleased with it.

And in case you missed it I gave ETNIES the use of 2 exclusive Silverclub tracks recently on their ‘TALE OF TWO CITIES’ blog. Part 1 features our translated cover of the 80s German new wave smash hit ‘Goldener Reiter’ originally by JOACHIM WITT, while Part 2 gives you the first chance to listen to the recording of live favourite and definite album track ‘PICK UP THE NEEDLE’.

For my trouble I decided to be cheeky enough to ask them for their most expensive shoes by a long way, and they are pretty fukin sweet I have to say.

Here’s those links again for the ETNIES blogs:

OK, I’m out. Some big news regarding new releases from us coming soon, see you all at the MIF show!!


Friends of Mine Festival and more Etnies action!

OK, so we’re back from the first ever Friends of Mine Festival and we had a blast. perhaps too much of one, I’ll be able to gauge that better next week if I’ve fully recovered by then.

We played the Bowl stage on Friday night, a little later than planned as the big top stage was suffering structural difficulties and some of the acts had been moved on to our stage, no complaints about that though, I’d have hoped we’d been accommodated similarly if our stage suffered the same fate. Kicking our set off at 9:45pm instead of 9 turned out to be perfect with the sun setting as we played, If anyone reading this was there for our set you were awesome, I know what footballers are on about with the ’12th man’ after that.

It seemed the longer we played the more and more people were there and the grass had quickly become a heaving dancefloor, just how I like it, we aired a few new ones for the first time that will be appearing on our forthcoming album (keep checking back for news on that) and they went down a treat, even if i do say so myself, got to say it was probably the most fun i’ve had playing a gig, if any of you managed to capture any of it with your much-better-than-my-old-beat-up-nokia smartphones then please wing it over to us, we’d love to see it.

Anyway you needn’t take my word for it, there’s a review on Northern Noise from that first night that will tell you… LINK… it’s all pretty flattering, although I’m not sure I agree that I’m ‘effortlessly cool’, unless that just means someone who wears the same clothes that were in a heap on the floor from the night before… maybe it does, I’m not versed in such matters…. there’s also some pics of us here, along with some of Goldblade who were on after us… LINK

Also this week we have been collaborating with ETNIES again on their blog, on their ‘tale of two cities’ series you can get an exclusive listen to the album track ‘Pick up the Needle’ (for those of you at FOM it was second to last in the set) check it out here….  ETNIES.COM some pretty sweet skills on show I reckon, I did try my hand at skating when I was younger but I wasn’t up for all the falling off involved in getting any good at it. Lame I know, still, if you see me rocking some fresh kicks in the next few weeks you know why!

OK, enough rambling, check back soon for another meandering rant of a blog when I can hopefully spill the beans on some remixes i’ve been working for for some people who definitely ARE cool, effortlessly or not!

All the best,


Goldener Reiter used on Etnies Video!

Check out this skateboarding video from Etnies using Silverclub’s Goldener Reiter!


OK then, it’s almost upon us…. The Inaugural ‘Friends of Mine’ festival starts THIS FRIDAY at the beautiful Capesthorne hall site in Cheshire.

After a storming display to close off the Manchester show by the same people in January we were immediately booked to play and are very proud to support such a great event run by some wonderful people, this one looks likely to become a real ‘I was there’ part of Manchester music history.

Next step now is to remember how to put a tent up (it’s been a while) and to re-live some of my classic camping techniques, forgetting any waterproofs (hopefully wont need them anyway), taking loads of tins of food but no tin opener or stove, losing a shoe somewhere on the site and not noticing until the morning, that sort of thing….

SILVERCLUB will be gracing the Bowl stage at 9PM on FRIDAY NIGHT, just as the sun goes down, perfect for us, We will be debuting some of the material from our forthcoming debut album which is recieving rave reviews from those who have heard it, including PIXIES legend FRANK BLACK, who immediately commisioned a Silverclub remix for his band ‘Grand Duchy’, and upon hearing that, asked for two more! There’s other legends (no exaggeration) loving the record too, and hopefully you will all hear it soon enough, that’s all for now though, see you at the front this Friday!!!

Oh and don’t miss our very own JIM NOIR at 7.15PM on the Satellite stage, also on Friday evening!

Duncan Jones

CityLife Article on MAK Album, ‘Ten’, in the M.E.N. today!

Take a look at todays CityLife in the Manchester Evening News!

Read everything you need to know about the Manchester Aid to Kosovo ‘Ten’ Album… Pick up a copy today!

Please show your support and catch Silverclub live at one of the two special events launching the album:

Monday 4th April: The Deaf Institute, Manchester Tickets

Thursday 7th April: Union Chapel, London Tickets

The MAK Gang!

Here’s a photo, courtesy of Stephen Campbell, of the Manchester Aid to Kosovo Gang ahead of the ‘Ten’ Album Release.

April 4th: The Deaf Institute, Manchester

April 7th: Union Chapel, London

You can still get tickets for both launch nights HERE

New Friends Of Mine Festival Poster

Catch Silverclub live at the Friends Of Mine Festival on Friday 20th May…get your tickets here!

Check out the full line up for the festival on this new poster!

Silverclub Live at the Manchester International Festival!

We are delighted to announce we will be appearing at this year’s MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL! Tickets

Here’s an article from the Manchester International Festival website, which you can also read here

True Faith celebrates the work of Manchester’s established and emerging talent. The showcase is comprised of two strands: Close Up interviews and Live gigs.

Hosted by Dave Haslam, Close Up is a short series of exclusive on stage interviews with Manchester icons Bernard Sumner (Joy Division/New order),music writer and broadcaster Paul Morley and former Magazine/Bad Seeds bass player and soundtrack composer Barry Adamson.

The Live strand features a handpicked selection of Manchester’s finest new bands, who will perform original material and one-off covers with some very special guests. Live has been curated by Everything Everything (5 July) and Dave Haslam (6 & 12 July).

Close Up featuring Bernard Sumner
Mon 4 July 19:00

Live Egyptian Hip Hop, XXXY, Plank!
Tue 5 July 20:00

Live LoneLady, Silverclub, Air Cav
Wed 6 July 20:00

Close Up featuring Paul Morley
Mon 11 July 19:00

Live D/R/U/G/S, Young British Artists, Golden Glow
Tue 12 July 20:00

Close Up featuring Barry Adamson
Wed 13 July 19:00


Everyone is welcome at the True Faith afterparties in the Festival Pavilion.
DJs such as Terry Hall, Ewan Pearson and Dialog (Murkage) will be
playing from 21.30/22:00 until late and admission is free.


New MAK ‘Ten’ Album Launch Poster!

Buy the Music and get your Tickets here!

MAK Launch Poster