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Manchester International Festival, Ahead of the Fashion curve, Remixing for Frank Black, and getting given free stuff

Time to wrap up the latest news and send it rambling your way, here goes…..

MIF – Weds 6th July

As many of you already know we have been invited to play this years MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, as you probably have noticed we have been pretty choosy with our gigs so far this year as the album nears completion, but this one was too special an opportunity to pass up.

We have been nestled lovingly between Warp records ‘LONELADY’ and Manchester up-and-comers ‘AIR CAV’ as part of the ‘true faith’ series of shows, taken place in the purpose built Festival pavilion just outside the town hall. Tickets are only £5 so grab yours now as it’s likely to sell out, the same show last time out featured both Everything Everything and Delphic, both of whom have done fantastically well since which is great to see.

You can get tickets HERE

If you want to hear what they said about Silverclub in the GUARDIAN recently, then check it out HERE. You can bet your life I sent my parents out to get a copy, glowing praise in the national press keeps them from telling me to get a proper job for AT LEAST a fortnight…..


On the Pixies recent North American tour they were played what is most likely to be our debut album. Upon taking it in, I was immediately asked by FRANK BLACK himself if I would like to remix his band with his wife Violet, ‘GRAND DUCHY’.

As far as I’m concerned if Frank Black asks, Frank Black gets, and their reaction to my remix was so positive they commissioned 2 more!!  More news on release dates as I get them.


Those of you that know me personally will know that until I became involved with the wonderful miss CONSTANZE FRIEDRICHS, I generally dressed like someone who didn’t have a clue and had grabbed whatever was in a heap on the floor nearest to me.

Any of you that have seen us live will by now be familiar with the custom shirts she designed for us, based on cowboy shirts, but taken to the next level with generally the sort of materials and patterns no rough’n'tough redneck would want to be seen dead in.

Anyway it seems PRADA finally caught on to the vibe at Milan fashion week just gone. So i’m just letting them know that they were only 2/3 years late with the idea, so better luck next time. If any of you fancy something bespoke made for you by this talented designer, then head to:


You may be aware by now that the good people at have provided the band with some pretty damn cool jackets, well here’s the latest one I received, which I am likely to wear until it falls to pieces I’m so pleased with it.

And in case you missed it I gave ETNIES the use of 2 exclusive Silverclub tracks recently on their ‘TALE OF TWO CITIES’ blog. Part 1 features our translated cover of the 80s German new wave smash hit ‘Goldener Reiter’ originally by JOACHIM WITT, while Part 2 gives you the first chance to listen to the recording of live favourite and definite album track ‘PICK UP THE NEEDLE’.

For my trouble I decided to be cheeky enough to ask them for their most expensive shoes by a long way, and they are pretty fukin sweet I have to say.

Here’s those links again for the ETNIES blogs:

OK, I’m out. Some big news regarding new releases from us coming soon, see you all at the MIF show!!